Minimising the impact of company restructuring

Restructuring, whether undertaken due to financial crisis, or as the result of corporate merger, is traumatic for individual workers, and can have profound economic effects on the local region. However, across Europe many enterprises have made significant efforts – often in collaboration with worker representatives and public authorities – to minimise the effects of job losses. These may include helping workers retrain or find new jobs, and consulting with them about how best to achieve longer-term goals. A report from Eurofound, ERM case studies: Good practice in company restructuring, looks at a range of in-depth company cases to analyse the elements of good practice. It finds that consultation is a key factor in minimising the effects of job losses. In the best case examples, moreover, cooperative consultation is built into the company's operating procedures and occurs on an ongoing basis even when restructuring is not an issue.

Pour d'autres informations publiées par la Fondation Européenne sur le thème des restructurations, voir le billet posté le 10 avril 2009 portant le titre  "Joint social partner structures and restructuring".

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