The fair treatment at work age report

Findings from the 2008 survey
The Fair Treatment at Work Survey includes 4,010 interviews with current or recent employees and covers workers' awareness of their rights, a comprehensive view of the problems experienced in the workplace and how such problems get resolved. This report focuses on 1,049 of those aged over 60 surveyed as part of a sample boost collected alongside the main survey. The sample boost was commissioned in order to obtain additional interviews for those aged over 60 due to the small frequency of this age group in the main survey.
Legislation creating new employment rights for older workers came into force on the 1st October 2006. The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 prohibit unjustified age discrimination in employment. In relation to retirement, the regulations introduced a Default Retirement Age of 65 and a ‘right to request' to carry on working past the default retirement age (DRA). In addition, employers must follow a set procedure when retiring an employee. The Government planned to review the default retirement age in 2011, five years after its introduction. In the light of changed economic circumstances, however, the Government announced last year that it would bring the review forward to 2010, with any changes resulting from it to be implemented in 2011.

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