Women & Work

In the WHO “Gender equality, work and health” report (2006), the value of women's work was estimated as being two thirds of the value of total work, including the informal sector and work in the domestic sphere. However, the working conditions of many women are often found to pose more risks to health than gender-mixed or maledominated jobs. Although women can be found in most occupations and industries, the vast majority of the world's women have very different work life situations from those of men. This means
that women and men are exposed to different risks. Work life is segregated by gender, both vertically and horizontally. Gender segregation can be found at all times, all over the world. At the same time, working conditions vary greatly among women as well as among men, which means that women and men cannot be treated as homogeneous groups.

Source : http://www.ttl.fi/en/publications/electronic_journals/barents_newsletter/Documents/Barents%20Newsletter%201-2010%20%20Women%20and%20work.pdf

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