Mental Health Conditions, Individual and Job Characteristics and Sleep Disturbances among Firefighters

This study aimed to assess the associations between mental health conditions, individual and job characteristics and sleep disturbances among firefighters. Of 303 participants, 51.2% reported sleep disturbances. Psychological distress and psychosomatic disturbances were significantly associated with sleep disturbances. Suicidal ideation, unhealthy alcohol use and time as a firefighter were also associated with sleep disturbances but at a borderline level of significance (0.05 < p < .085). These findings may be related to the psychological and physical hazards of firefighting and indicate the importance of research on associated professions.

Source : Barros VV, Martins L, Saitz R, Bastos RR, Ronzani TM. J. Health Psychol. 2012.

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