Visualizing safety assessment by integrating the use of game technology

Construction is undoubtedly the most dangerous industry in Hong Kong, being responsible for 76% of all fatal accidents in the region--around twenty times more than any other industry--and involving a loss of an estimated 145,000 man-days each year through accidents on site.
In this paper, a new safety assessment method, termed the 4D Interactive Safety Assessment, is described which offers an improvement. This involves individual construction workers being presented with 4D virtual risky scenarios concerning their project and a range of possible actions for selection. The method provides an analysis of results which include the assessment of the correctness or otherwise of the user's selections to contribute to an iterative process of retraining and testing until a satisfactory level of knowledge and skill is achieved.

Source : Li H, Chan G, Skitmore M. Autom. Constr. 2012; 22: 498-505.

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