Employer Perceptions of Stress and Resilience Intervention

Objective: To understand employers' perceived organizational strengths in addressing stress and resilience-building to help expand theoretical knowledge and guide interventions. Methods: Interviews and discussion groups with 46 employer representatives using grounded theory methodology for sampling and analysis of narrative data. Results: Participants detailed three levels of approaches: (1) preventing stress/building resilience; (2) providing information, resources, and benefits to employees; and (3) intervening actively with troubled employees. Preventing stress through trusting work relationships and trust in stability of organizational structures emerged as a core concept explaining effectiveness of these approaches. Results are discussed using positive organizational scholarship, systems, and well-being frameworks. Conclusions: Psychosocial distress has unfavorable effects on human health and work performance. Greater attention to the systemic development and maintenance of trust in workplace relationships and systems is suggested.

Source : Spangler, N. W., Koesten, J., Fox, M.H., Radel, J., Employer Perceptions of Stress and Resilience Intervention, Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Nov. 2012, vol. 54, no 11, p. 1421–1429. http://dx.doi.org/10.1097/JOM.0b013e3182619038

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