Australia: Action urged on workplace bullying

On Monday 26 November 2012, the House Standing Committee on Education and Employment tabled its report on the inquiry into workplace bullying entitled: Workplace Bullying "We just want it to stop". An Australian parliamentary inquiry into workplace bullying has urged the government to set up a national service to provide practical advice on bullying and how to deal with it. The service would include a hotline where both employees and employers could receive help to prevent and resolve cases of bullying. The inquiry by a standing committee of the House of Representatives received more than 300 written submissions, mainly from workers who had experienced the problem first-hand.
Other recommendations of the committee's report include providing online training packages for employers and on-site help for workplaces where bullying is known to be rife...The committee's chair, Amanda Rishworth, said: 'We discovered throughout the inquiry that prevention and early intervention is critical. A chief concern of witnesses was the lack of clarity about what to do and where to go for help.' The committee singled out 'psychologically abusive group behaviour' in which workers banded together to try to drive a worker from their workplace as of particular concern. The phenomenon, known as 'mobbing', was most prolific in teaching and nursing, it said.

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