Workplace psychological harassment in Canadian nurses: A descriptive study

This descriptive study investigated workplace psychological harassment in a sample of 1179 Canadian nurses. Two complementary types of assessment were used: exposure to negative behaviors and perceived victimization. Results revealed that exposure to negative behaviors was associated with certain sociodemographic variables (i.e. job status and the amount of overtime performed weekly), lower psychological health, and poorer functioning at work. Although many nurses reported being exposed to negative behaviors, few perceived these behaviors as psychological harassment per se. However, regardless of perceptions of victimization, exposure to negative behaviors was detrimental to nurses' psychological health and functioning at work. Practical implications are discussed.

Source : Trépanier SG, Fernet C, Austin S. Workplace Psychological Harassment in Canadian Nurses: a Descriptive Study. J Health Psychol March 2013 vol. 18 no. 3 383-396. 

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