The aftermath of workplace violence among healthcare workers

A systematic literature review of the conséquences
Workplace violence is an important health and safety issue. Healthcare workers are particularly at risk of experiencing workplace violence. Despite the research that was conducted in this domain, little is known about the consequences of being a victim of workplace violence, specifically in the healthcare sector. Therefore, this article aims to review the literature regarding the consequences of exposure to workplace violence in the healthcare sector. Sixty-eight studies were included in the review and they were evaluated according to 12 criteria recommended for systematic reviews. The studies identified seven categories of consequences of workplace violence: (1) physical, (2) psychological, (3) emotional, (4) work functioning, (5) relationship with patients/quality of care, (6) social/general, and (7) financial. Psychological (e.g., posttraumatic stress, depression) and emotional (e.g., anger, fear) consequences and impact on work functioning (e.g., sick leave, job satisfaction) were the most frequent and important effects of workplace violence. In conclusion, this paper recommends further research, particularly longitudinal studies, in order to better grasp the direct and indirect effects of workplace violence.

Source: Lanctôt N., & Guay S. (2014). The aftermath of workplace violence among healthcare workers: A systematic literature review of the consequences, Aggression and Violent Behavior, 19, 492–501.

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