The influence of demographics and working conditions on self-reported injuries among Latino day laborers

BACKGROUND: The majority of day laborers in the USA are Latinos. They are engaged in high-risk occupations and suffer high occupational injury rates.
OBJECTIVES: To describe on-the-job injuries reported by Latino day laborers, explore the extent that demographic and occupational factors predict injuries, and whether summative measures for total job types, job conditions, and personal protective equipment (PPE) predict injuries.
METHODS: A community survey was conducted with 327 participants at 15 corners in Houston, Texas. Hierarchical and multiple logistic regressions explored predictors of occupational injury odds in the last year.
RESULTS: Thirty-four percent of respondents reported an occupational injury in the previous year. Education, exposure to loud noises, cold temperatures, vibrating machinery, use of hard hats, total number of job conditions, and total PPE significantly predicted injury odds.
CONCLUSION: Risk for injury among day laborers is not only the product of a specific hazard, but also the result of their exposure to multiple occupational hazards.

Source: Fernández-Esquer ME, Fernández-Espada N, Atkinson JA, Montano CF. Int. J. Occup. Environ. Health, 2014.

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