The Impact of Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Results From a Pan-Canadian Survey
Objective: When workers experience domestic violence (DV) at home, impacts are felt in the workplace; however, little research is available on this topic.
Methods: We conducted an online survey regarding the impacts of DV at work.
Results: A total of 8429 people completed the survey. More than a third of respondents reported experiencing DV; among them, more than a third reported that DV affected their ability to get to work, and more than half reported that it continued at or near work. Most reported that DV negatively affected their performance. Almost all respondents, regardless of DV experience, believed that it impacts victims' work lives.
Conclusions: This research identifies the scope and impact of DV on workers and workplaces. The data should assist governments, unions, and employers to enact and evaluate proactive practices to address the impact of DV in the workplace.

Source: Wathen, C. Nadine; MacGregor, Jennifer; MacQuarrie, Barbara. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine: July 2015, Volume 57, Issue 7, p. e65-e71.

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