Effects of Social Determinants on Chinese Immigrant Food Service Workers' Work Performance and Injuries

Mental Health as a Mediator
Objective: The effects of social discrimination, job concerns, and social support on worker mental health and the influence of mental health on occupational health outcomes have been documented intermittently. We propose an integrated, theory-driven model to distinguish the impact of social determinants on work performance and injuries and the mediating effects of mental health problems.
Methods: The US Chinese immigrant food service workers (N = 194) completed a multimeasure interview; we tested the integrated model using structural equation modeling.
Results: Mental health problems, which were associated with decreased work performance and increased injuries, also mediated relationships between job/employment concerns and both work performance and injuries but did not mediate the influences of discrimination and social support.
Conclusions: This research reveals mechanisms by which social determinants influence immigrant worker health, pointing to complementary strategies for reducing occupational health disparities.

Source: Tsai, Jenny Hsin-Chun; Thompson, Elaine Adams. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine: July 2015, Volume 57, Issue 7, p. 806-813.

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