Does Worksite Culture of Health (CoH) Matter to Employees?

Empirical Evidence Using Job-Related Metrics
Objectives: This study examines the relationships between the workplace culture of health (CoH), job satisfaction, and turnover intention. We also examined the moderating effect of job classification.
Methods: Structural equation modeling analysis was performed on data from employees of a Korean life insurance company (N=880).
Results: Workplace CoH directly influenced job satisfaction (β=0.32; P<0.001) and was indirectly associated with intention to leave. Job satisfaction was directly associated with intention to leave (β=−0.42; P<0.001). The relationship between job satisfaction and intention to leave was stronger for managerial employees than for non-managerial employees.
Conclusions: This study showed that a workplace CoH is related to job satisfaction and intention to leave. Supporting health at the workplace has implications beyond health that benefit both employees and the organization.

Source: Kwon, Youngbum; Marzec, Mary L. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine: May 2016, Volume 58, Issue 5, p. 448-454.

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