Fifth International Conference on Violence in the Health Sector

Broadening our view, responding together
In 2009, Professor Klaus Wahl of Germany published an interesting, comprehensive analytical model of aggression and violence that links microcosmic and macrocosmic levels (Figure 1). The level of the microcosm encompasses genes, the brain and psychic processes, bio-physiological survival mechanisms and various types of aggression. The level of the macrocosm encompasses the environment, socialization and situation-induced social dynamics. Between these two poles lies the interplay of an individual's personality and society determines the phylogeny (development or evolution of a particular group of individuals) and the ontogeny (origination and development of an individual) of violent behavior. This model – although probably not yet well known beyond the boundaries of German- speaking countries – allows for a comprehensive understanding of the “big picture” of aggression and violence at the societal and the personal level and may thus be appealing to persons working within the health sector.

Source: Needham, Ian, McKenna, Kevin, Frank, Odile, & Oud, Nico. (2016). Violence in the Health Sector: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Violence in the Health Sector: Broadening our view, responding together, 26-28 October 2016, Dublin, Ireland. Amsterdam : Netherlands : KAVANAH, 480 p.

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