Emergent risks to workplace safety as a result of IT connections of and between work equipment

The ever-greater integration of new technologies in work equipment is regarded by some as the fourth industrial revolution and referred to as ‘smart industry'. Examples that come to mind include automation through the use of embedded software, remotely controlling heavy materials, and the connecting of work equipment to local and public networks such as the internet. As well as the opportunities this entails for industry, new threats are also presenting themselves. This includes employees who have to move among robots or autonomous freight vehicles, but also malicious actors who can penetrate computers and computer networks and thereby disrupt processes or bring them to a standstill. The focus in this report lies on the connection between work equipment and cyberspace, including connections to local and public networks such as the internet.

Source: http://publications.tno.nl/publication/34622295/QDXZqU/steijn-2016-emergent.pdf

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