Perceived organizational support and employees’ well-being

The mediating role of organizational dehumanization
Perceived organizational support (POS) has been found to predict important organizational outcomes such as increasing employees' well-being. In this research, we examine a new underlying mechanism of the relationship between POS and employees' well-being, that is, employees' perceptions that their organization dehumanizes them. This proposition was tested across two studies. Using an experimental design manipulating POS in a laboratory setting, Study 1 indicated that in the high POS condition, the subsequent feelings of being dehumanized by the organization were lower than in the low POS condition. More importantly, organizational dehumanization perceptions were found to mediate the POS condition and satisfaction link. Furthermore, using a sample of 1209 employees, results of Study 2 indicated that organizational dehumanization mediates the relationship between POS and three indicators of employees' well-being (i.e., job satisfaction, emotional exhaustion, and psychosomatic strains). Implications for research on both organizational support theory and dehumanization theory are discussed.

Source: Caesens, G., Stinglhamber, F., Demoulin, S., & De Wilde, M. (2017). European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 1-14.

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