Mental Health in the Working World - Determining the current state of scientific evidence

The "Mental Health in the Working World" project aimed to assess psychological strain factors in terms of substantiated scientific and academic research, to gain new information surrounding the new work-related requirements arising due to the changing world of work, and to identify open research questions.
Following a description of the project goals and approach, the project results have been presented under the differing topic fields of "Work tasks", "Leadership and organisation", "Working time", "Technical factors", "Design approaches" and "Mental health". As a result, it has proven possible to analyse and describe the correlations between more than 20 work condition factors in terms of psychological problems, muscular-skeletal and cardiovascular illnesses, general health and well-being, symptoms and performance. In the majority of cases, a consistent correlation was found between the work condition factors and mental health, which enabled the work requirements to be divided into stress factors and resources. The findings gained demonstrate that the individual work condition factors are of differing relevance to the design.
The results are being discussed from the perspectives of both science and practice. Subsequently, recommendations will be made regarding both the individual topic areas and the subject-spanning questions in terms of a continued addressing of the topic area of "Mental health".


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