Violence towards Emergency Nurses

The Italian National Survey 2016: A qualitative study
Introduction: Physical and verbal aggression against health professionals, particularly nurses, is globally serious and widespread, with the most vulnerable being nurses working in the Accident and Emergency Department. Most international research into this issue focused on quantifying aggression, describing its nature, identifying perpetrators, stratifying risk and implementing preventive or mitigating interventions. Few studies investigated the nurses' subjective perceptions. As part of the 2016 Italian National Survey on Violence against Accident and Emergency Nurses, our research team collected qualitative data to explore their perceptions of Workplace Violence.
Methods: From 19th July 2016 to 19th March 2017 we distributed online a 39-item validated questionnaire to 15,618 Emergency Nurses working in 668 Italian National Health Service Accident and Emergency Departments in all 20 Italian Regions. Answers were analysed using van Kaan's method.
Results: 1100 Emergency Nurses responded to the survey and 265 replied to our focus question. There were 144 Females, 119 Males, 2 not stated, average age 42±9 years, average work experience 18±9 years, average Accident and Emergency Department experience 11±8 years. Four major themes emerged: the nurses' perception of physical and verbal aggression, precipitating factors, consequences, and solutions.
Discussion: These themes confirmed previous findings and showed that Italian nursing staff's perceptions of physical and verbal aggression is the same as emergency nurses working worldwide.
Conclusion: How Italian Accident and Emergency nurses perceive Workplace Violence adds to our knowledge of the issue and contributes to finding shared solutions.

Source: Ramacciati, N., Ceccagnoli, A., Addey, B., & Rasero, L. (2018). International journal of nursing studies, 81, 21-29.

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