Health warning for employers: Supporting older workers with health conditions

Research shows that employers are not properly supporting older workers experiencing long-term physical and mental health conditions.
As the number of working age people with long-term health conditions rises, Government and employers need to improve workplaces and support systems to help people to manage their health conditions and continue to work.
The report was based on research with over 1,000 people who are managing a health condition at work. It found that older workers are more likely than younger workers to be managing multiple long-term conditions and that health conditions are the main driver of older workers exiting the labour market before they reach state pension age.
Employers must take responsibility for creating an open, positive culture around health at work, in which it is normal for employees to discuss their health conditions, without fear of reprisal, judgement or job loss. With these changes, the negative experiences we heard about through our research can be avoided, and more people in later life will be able to continue working well, for longer.


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