Framework for Considering Productive Aging and Work

Objectives: The U.S. population is experiencing a demographic transition resulting in an aging workforce. The objective of this article is to elucidate and expand an approach to keep that workforce safe, healthy, and productive.
Methods: This article elucidates the framework for the National Center for Productive Aging at Work of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Subject matter experts used a snowball method to review published literature to substantiate elements in the framework.
Results: Evidence-based literature supports a productive aging framework for the workforce involving the following elements: 1) life span perspective; 2) comprehensive and integrated approaches to occupational safety and health; 3) emphasis on positive outcomes for both workers and organizations; and 4) supportive work culture for multigenerational issues.
Conclusion: The productive aging framework provides a foundational and comprehensive approach for addressing the aging workforce.

Source: Schulte, P. A., Grosch, J., Scholl, J. C. et Tamers, S. L. (2018). Journal of occupational and environmental medicine, 60(5), 440-448.

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