Live Theatre and Events Industry Survey 2018

Late in 2017, elected MEAA entertainment, crew, and sport representatives from across the live theatre and events industry decided to join together to build an industry-wide campaign to improve members' working lives across the sector. The first step is this survey. The survey provides a snapshot of the wages, conditions, and health and safety standards that crew, technical, front-of-house, and events workers in live theatre and venues are faced with every day.
Some parts of the survey were developed in response to the 2017 Sexual Harassment in Live Theatre survey conducted by MEAA Equity, but prior to the release of the Code of Practice: Preventing discrimination, sexual harassment, and bullying that Live Performance Australia has developed in partnership with MEAA.
Workers in the theatre, live events, and entertainment industries often work long, unsociable hours to provide the community with the creative outlets that enrich our lives. They are skilled and dedicated workers who, as we will see, do not consistently receive the payments or entitlements commensurate with the work they do, particularly when it comes to overtime and higher duties; and who often deal with inconsistent health and safety standards, bullying, harassment, or fatigue.


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