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Self-Reported and Reported Injury Patterns in Contemporary Dance Students
Abstract: Background: Injury is a major concern among dancers, as currently rates are reported as being high. The purpose of the present study was to assess the incidence and details of injuries across an academic year at a full-time contemporary dance school. Methods: A questionnaire was distributed to 57 dancers at the end of their first academic year. Reported injury information was also retrieved from a database as collected from a physiotherapist over the same period. Results: Differences were found between the reported and self-reported information, particularly with reference to shin injuries...
Rock musicians’ work is heavy
The study indicated that the work of the Apulanta musicians could be classified as one with considerable strain – escalating to heavy strain during certain stages of the performance. The study is the first Finnish scientific study to measure the physical strain of a rock musician's work. Pour en savoir plus :

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