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Implications of work effort and discretion for employee well-being and career-related outcomes
An integrative assessment How does work effort affect employee outcomes? The authors bridge distinct literatures on the well-being versus career-related implications of work effort by analyzing the relation of overtime work and work intensity to both types of outcomes. They also extend examination of the role of discretion in modifying the effects of work effort from well-being to career-related outcomes. Using data from the fifth and sixth European Working Conditions Surveys, the authors show that greater work effort relates strongly to reduced well-being and modestly to inferior career-related...
Correlates of negative physical health in call center shift workers
The call center industry, a burgeoning sector is characterized by unique job demands, which render it susceptible to high attrition rates and negative health concerns. This study examined the relationship between job stress from interpersonal factors, job stress from work factors, coping, inadequate sleep, and negative physical health reports among call center shift workers (n = 239), a relatively under-researched population. Inadequate sleep and job stress from interpersonal factors were associated with negative physical health outcome for the participants in this study. Further, spending longer...
Portrait des conditions de pratique et de la pénurie des effectifs infirmiers au Québec
Ce document vise à établir un portrait du contexte de pratique des effectifs infirmiers québécois et de les comparer avec celui qui prévaut dans les autres provinces canadiennes. On trouve dans un premier temps que l'intensité de travail des infirmières québécoises est plus faible que celle du reste du Canada, notamment au chapitre des heures effectives travaillées, des heures contractées et des heures supplémentaires.

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