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Implications of work effort and discretion for employee well-being and career-related outcomes
An integrative assessment How does work effort affect employee outcomes? The authors bridge distinct literatures on the well-being versus career-related implications of work effort by analyzing the relation of overtime work and work intensity to both types of outcomes. They also extend examination of the role of discretion in modifying the effects of work effort from well-being to career-related outcomes. Using data from the fifth and sixth European Working Conditions Surveys, the authors show that greater work effort relates strongly to reduced well-being and modestly to inferior career-related...
Mental Health Conditions, Individual and Job Characteristics and Sleep Disturbances among Firefighters
This study aimed to assess the associations between mental health conditions, individual and job characteristics and sleep disturbances among firefighters. Of 303 participants, 51.2% reported sleep disturbances. Psychological distress and psychosomatic disturbances were significantly associated with sleep disturbances. Suicidal ideation, unhealthy alcohol use and time as a firefighter were also associated with sleep disturbances but at a borderline level of significance (0.05 < p < .085). These findings may be related to the psychological and physical hazards of firefighting and indicate...
Health Impact of The Psychosocial Hazards of Work
An Overview Psychosocial risks go hand in hand with the experience of work-related stress. Longitudinal studies and systematic reviews have indicated that stress at work is associated with heart disease, depression, and musculoskeletal disorders and there is consistent evidence that high job demands, low control, and effort-reward imbalance are risk factors for mental and physical health problems, thereby leading to further strain on public spending for increased costs on healthcare. Despite the available evidence, the prevention and management of psychosocial risks has not been high on the policy...

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