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Interventions to prevent and reduce physician burnout
A systematic review and meta-analysis Physician burnout has reached epidemic levels, as documented in national studies of both physicians in training and practising physicians. The consequences are negative effects on patient care, professionalism, physicians' own care and safety, and the viability of health-care systems. A more complete understanding than at present of the quality and outcomes of the literature on approaches to prevent and reduce burnout is necessary. Source: West, C. P., Dyrbye, L. N., Erwin, P. J., & Shanafelt, T. D. (2016). The Lancet .
Preventive staff-support interventions for health workers
Health workers need to be supported to reduce job-related stress, prevent burnout and improve motivation. This review identified 10 studies involving 716 health workers aimed at assessing the effects of preventive staff-support interventions. Eight studies involved short to medium-term training in stress management techniques, given predominantly to nurses in secondary and tertiary care settings. Four of these studies demonstrated beneficial effects of stress management training interventions in reducing some measures of job-related stress over the short-term. However, due to inadequate follow...

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