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The effect of motherhood and work on women's time pressure
A cohort analysis using the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health This is the first study using the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women´s Health to identify time stress in younger Australian women over a 17-year period with a focus on motherhood and work. Understanding the sources of time stress is important if policy-makers want to design and successfully implement health policies, and family-friendly parental leave and childcare policies. Source: Otterbach S, Tavener M, Forder P, Powers J, Loxton D, Byles J. Scand J Work Environ Health , 2016,
Job strain and informal caregiving as predictors of long-term sickness
A longitudinal multi-cohort study This study is the first to investigate the joint effects of job strain and informal caregiving on long-term sickness absence. The main finding was that informal caregiving responsibilities and/or high job strain predicted long-term sickness absence among women. Source: Mortensen J, Dich N, Lange T, Alexanderson K, Goldberg M, Head J, Kivimäki M, Madsen IEH, Rugulies R, Vahtera J, Zins M, Rod NH. Scand J Work Environ Health .
Gender, Job Authority, and Depression
Using the 1957–2004 data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, we explore the effect of job authority in 1993 (at age 54) on the change in depressive symptoms between 1993 and 2004 (age 65) among white men and women. Within-gender comparisons indicate that women with job authority (defined as control over others' work) exhibit more depressive symptoms than women without job authority, whereas men in authority positions are overall less depressed than men without job authority. Between-gender comparisons reveal that although women have higher depression than men, women's disadvantage...
Les risques d’exposition à la violence au travail
Une question de sexe Dans le cadre de la Journée de la femme 2014, les chercheurs de l'équipe VISAGE (VIolence au travail selon le Sexe et le GEnre) de l'Institut présentent une revue de la littérature qui constate que les femmes sont davantage victimes d'actes de violence grave au travail que les hommes. Par contre, les victimes d'homicides sont majoritairement des hommes. Cette différence s'explique en partie par le fait que les hommes sont beaucoup plus souvent victimes d'attaques avec une arme. En effet, ils représenteraient...
The impact of job stress due to the lack of organisational support on occupational injury
OBJECTIVES : The aim of this study was to analyse the association between job stress and occupational injuries. METHODS : A prospective cohort study in a sample of 10 667 workers belonging to the insured population of the Mutual Insurance Company in Spain. Job stress was assessed with the Spanish version of the Job Stress Survey. A 1-year follow-up of the workers' clinical records was conducted to determine the incidence of occupational injuries, and the incidence rate per 1000 workers-year was calculated. The associations between the incidence of occupational injuries, job stress and job stress...

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