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Quelle vulnérabilité des travailleurs européens face aux conditions de travail dégradées?
Les mutations organisationnelles et technologiques engendrent des risques de dégradation des conditions de travail susceptibles d'affecter le bien-être et la santé des travailleurs. Le projet InGRID, financé dans le cadre du programme européen Horizon 2020 pour la recherche et l'innovation, développe de nouvelles méthodes pour mieux identifier les travailleurs qui font face à ces risques. À partir de données recueillies entre 1995 et 2015 pour les quinze pays fondateurs de l'Union européenne, ce 4-pages dresse...
Sixth European Working Conditions Survey
The sixth European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS) builds on the lessons learned from the previous five surveys to paint a wide-ranging picture of Europe at work across countries, occupations, sectors and age groups. EU employment policy priorities aim to boost employment levels, prolong working life, increase the participation of women, develop productivity and innovation and adapt to the digital challenge. The success of these policies depends not just on changes in the external labour market but also on developing good working conditions and job quality. The findings from the EWCS draw attention...
National working conditions surveys in Europe: A compilation
This report describes surveys in 15 EU Member States that meet two conditions: they are national, covering all or most of the working population; and they relate at least primarily to working conditions issues, such as health and safety at the workplace, work organisation, quality of working life and work–life balance. For each survey, a data sheet provides the main characteristics of the survey in a consistent template. These characteristics include the survey name, institute responsible, territorial scope, sectors and population covered, and sample size. Information is also provided on...
Fifth European Working Conditions Survey
Overview report Work plays a significant role in the lives of people, companies and society at large. Since its inception, the European Union has paid considerable attention to work, and improving working conditions is one of its key policy goals. The European Working Conditions Survey series (the ‘EWCS') aims to: Measure working conditions across European countries on a harmonised basis; analyse relationships between different aspects of working conditions; identify groups at risks and issues of concern, as well as areas of progress; monitor trends over time; and contribute to European...

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