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The Work Organization of Long-Haul Truck Drivers and the Association With Body Mass Index
Objective: The aim of this study was to examine relationships between work organization features of work hours, work schedules, and job stress with body mass indexes (BMIs) of long-haul truck drivers. Methods: Face-to-face survey data were collected first, followed by collection of anthropometric measures including height and weight (n?=?260). Logistic regression (backward stepwise model) was used to identify significant predictors of BMI and to analyze odds ratios. Results: Mean BMI was 33.40?kg/m2, with 64.2% obese (BMI > 30?kg/m2) and 18.4% extreme/morbidly obese (BMI > 40?kg/m2). Working...
Health, Work and Working Conditions
A Review of the European Economic Literature Economists have traditionally been very cautious when studying the interaction between employment and health because of the two-way causal relationship between these two variables: health status influences the probability of being employed and, at the same time, working affects the health status. Because these two variables are determined simultaneously, researchers control endogeneity bias (e.g., reverse causality, omitted variables) when conducting empirical analysis. With these caveats in mind, the literature finds that a favourable work environment...
Poor health, unhealthy behaviors, and unfavorable work characteristics influence pathways of exit from paid employment among older workers in Europe
The aim of this study was to get insight into the role of poor health, unhealthy behaviors, and unfavorable work characteristics on exit from paid employment due to disability pension, unemployment, and early retirement among older workers. Respondents of the longitudinal Survey of Health, Ageing, and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) in 11 European countries were selected when (i) aged between 50 years and the country-specific retirement age, and having (ii) paid employment at baseline and (iii) information on employment status during the 4-year follow-up period (N=4923). Self-perceived health, health...
Enquête québécoise sur des conditions de travail, d'emploi et de SST (EQCOTESST)
Le ministère du Travail doit réaliser tous les cinq ans une étude sur l'évolution des conditions de travail au Québec. À cette fin, il a mandaté, en 2007, l’Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail (IRSST), l’Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ), l’Institut de la statistique du Québec (ISQ), le ministère du Travail, le ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux et la Commission des normes du travail (CNT) d’effectuer...

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