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Les motivations au travail sur 4 continents
Le professeur Jacques Forest, de l'École des sciences de la gestion (ESG UQAM), vient de publier, à titre de cochercheur, un article sur les motivations au travail dans le European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology. Intitulée « The Multidimensional Work Motivation Scale : Validation evidence in seven languages and nine countries », cette étude, entamée il y a sept ans, a été menée par un groupe de 20 chercheurs provenant des quatre coins de la planète. Elle démontre principalement que les motivations...
Chinese temporary workers bring unsafe mining culture, union says
An influx of temporary foreign workers into British Columbia’s mining sector is taking jobs from Canadian workers and making the mines more dangerous, according to the organizing body for British Columbia trade unions. In an open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Bargaining Council of BC Building Trade Unions argues that the planned importation of Chinese workers this week by Canadian Dehua International Mines Group Inc. is a strategy for the companies to employ lower-paid employees who are not familiar with Canadian mine safety culture and regulations [...] Source: http://www...
Negative workplace vibe triggers mental illness, study says
A newly released survey on mental health in the workplace shows there could be a connection between stressful and negative working conditions and the mental health of workers. Most mental health problems, the study finds, are a result of a negative or mentally toxic workplace. The survey, conducted by the Institute of Health Economics (IHE), a not-for-profit research organization in Alberta, found that most mental health problems stem from negative working conditions. Researchers went on to conclude that the most effective way to promote mental well-being in the workplace is to change the work...

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