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Breaking Point: Violence Against Long-Term Care Staff
Direct resident care in long-term care facilities is carried out predominantly by personal support workers and registered practical nurses, the majority of whom are women. They experience physical, verbal, and sexual violence from residents on a regular basis. To explore this widespread problem, fifty-six staff in seven communities in Ontario, Canada, were consulted. They identified such immediate causes of violence as resident fear, confusion, and agitation and such underlying causes as task-driven organization of work, understaffing, inappropriate resident placement, and inadequate time for relational...
Psychosocial Working Conditions and Sickness Absence in a General Population
A Cohort Study of 21,834 Workers in Norway (The HUNT Study) Objective: To examine the associations between psychosocial working conditions and sickness absence. Methods: Data for 21,834 employed adults from the Nord-Trøndelag Health Study (HUNT) were linked to the sickness benefit register and sickness absence during 1 year after survey participation was analyzed with logistic regression. Results: A one unit change on a 0 to 3 self-reported job demand scale was associated with a fully adjusted 24% and 25% increased odds of sickness absence in men and women, respectively. A one unit change...
22% des fonctionnaires territoriaux victimes d’au moins une agression verbale par an (France)
L’enquête SUMER met en lumière les conditions de travail dans la fonction publique territoriale et révèle une sur-exposition des agents aux risques psychosociaux. Pour la première fois, l’enquête SUMER déjà réalisée en 1994 et 2003 par la DARES a couvert, outre les différents secteurs d’activité du privé, la fonction publique dans ses trois composantes : territoriale, hospitalière et d’Etat. Les expositions aux risques professionnels varient fortement d’un secteur d’activité...

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