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Live Theatre and Events Industry Survey 2018
Late in 2017, elected MEAA entertainment, crew, and sport representatives from across the live theatre and events industry decided to join together to build an industry-wide campaign to improve members' working lives across the sector. The first step is this survey. The survey provides a snapshot of the wages, conditions, and health and safety standards that crew, technical, front-of-house, and events workers in live theatre and venues are faced with every day. Some parts of the survey were developed in response to the 2017 Sexual Harassment in Live Theatre survey conducted by MEAA Equity,...
Working conditions of professional athletes
Professional athletes in Europe rarely have the benefit of collective agreements or social dialogue to help establish good basic working conditions and some form of employment protection. A study prepared by the sector's social partners, UNI Europa Sport Pro and EU Athletes, says that many have no formal employment contract at all, and lack of insurance or pension provision is all too common. In its conclusion, the social partners call on the European Commission to foster encourage social dialogue in the sector. Source :
Stressors, Recovery Processes, and Manifestations of Training Distress in Dance
Dancers are expected to maintain consistently high levels of performance capability and to perform on demand. To meet these expectations, they subject their bodies to long hours of intensive physical training. Such training regimens are often combined with tight rehearsal and performance schedules, which over time can lead to persistent fatigue, psychological distress, performance decrements, and injury. A similar process has been observed as a consequence of high-intensity training in many different sports, and considerable sport-related research has been devoted to identifying the antecedents...

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