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Working conditions and workers' health
This report uses European Working Conditions Survey data to examine working conditions and their implications for worker's health. Ensuring the sustainability of work in the context of ageing populations implies a greater number of people in employment who can remain in the workforce for longer. The report examines the interplay between work demands – which carry an increased risk of exhaustion – and work resources – which support workers in greater engagement and well-being. The findings indicate that physical risks have not increased but remain important, while emotional...
Working conditions of workers of different ages
Demographic change is changing the face of working life across the EU. The increased demand on a shrinking pool of workers to provide for the social needs of an ageing population is leading to increases in the employment rate of older workers and a lengthening of working life. Policy reforms have – on the whole – focused on raising the statutory retirement age and providing financial incentives for older workers to remain in work beyond retirement age. However, a range of other factors also influence workers' decision to continue working into old age – including health and...
Associations Between Age, Psychosocial Work Conditions, Occupational Well-Being, and Telomere Length in Geriatric Care Professionals
A Mixed-Methods Study Objective: We identified associations between age, psychosocial work characteristics, occupational well-being, and—as a measure of biological age—leukocyte telomere length in geriatric care professionals. Methods: This is a multisource study of self-reports on psychosocial work characteristics, standardized physician's evaluations of health, and relative telomere length measures of peripheral blood leukocytes. We included 141 geriatric care professionals. Telomere length was assessed by an improved polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based method. Results: Increased...
The influence of demographics and working conditions on self-reported injuries among Latino day laborers
BACKGROUND: The majority of day laborers in the USA are Latinos. They are engaged in high-risk occupations and suffer high occupational injury rates. OBJECTIVES: To describe on-the-job injuries reported by Latino day laborers, explore the extent that demographic and occupational factors predict injuries, and whether summative measures for total job types, job conditions, and personal protective equipment (PPE) predict injuries. METHODS: A community survey was conducted with 327 participants at 15 corners in Houston, Texas. Hierarchical and multiple logistic regressions explored predictors of occupational...
Les transformations des parcours d'emploi et de travail au fil des générations
Lorsqu'on les interroge sur leur passé professionnel, les générations les plus récentes retracent des parcours moins stables que les plus anciennes. En 2006, l'expérience du chômage concernait près d'un individu sur deux pour les générations nées après 1960, alors qu'elle était beaucoup moins fréquente pour les générations antérieures dont les carrières professionnelles étaient pourtant plus longues. Les nouvelles générations sont plus diplômées...

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