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Occupational Safety and Health Among Young Workers in the Nordic Countries: A Systematic Literature Review
This review aimed to identify risk factors for occupational accidents and illnesses among young workers in the Nordic countries and to attain knowledge on specific vulnerable groups within the young working force that may need special attention. We conducted a systematic review from 1994 to 2014 using five online databases. Of the 12,528 retrieved articles, 54 met the review criteria and were quality assessed, in which data were extracted focusing on identifying occupational safety, health risk factors, and vulnerable groups among the young workers. The review shows that mechanical factors such...
Caractérisation des effets des expositions aux facteurs psychosociaux sur la santé mentale et l'état de santé général perçu - Analyses à partir de l'enquête "Santé et itinéraire professionnel"
Basée sur l'enquête nationale " Santé et itinéraire professionnel ", cette étude avait l'objectif d'apporter des réponses quant à la nature des effets de 17 facteurs psychosociaux sur la survenue de troubles de la santé mentale et sur la dégradation de l'état de santé général perçu. L'effet se produit-il au moment de l'exposition ou après un certain temps ? La santé mentale et la santé générale perçue sont elles plus altérées...
Relationship between psychosocial strains at the workplace, depression, and cognitive deficiencies
The subject of mental disorders and work is of high priority for occupational safety and health, in particular where job stresses lead to depression and impairment of work ability. Factors potentially contributing to depression and work ability impairment include psychosocial work characteristics (PWC), burnout, cognitive deficits, and aging. Referencing the Job-Demand Resources (JD-R) model, burnout is viewed as mediating the association between PWC and depressive symptoms, but the mediating relationship between PWC and work ability remains to be tested. Further, cognitive deficits may be a marker...
Psychosocial Work Conditions, Health, and Leadership of Managers
Although psychosocial work conditions, health and leadership are concepts that have been studied for a long time, more knowledge is needed on how they are related in managers. Existing research suggests that managers are very influential in their workplaces, but the way in which their workplaces influence them is often overlooked. As a result, the potential reciprocity between managers' psychosocial work conditions, health and leadership is not in focus. Furthermore, managers have often been studied as a uniform group and little consideration has been given to potential differences between...

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