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Work schedule and physically demanding work in relation to menstrual function
The Nurses' Health Study 3 Objectives : This study aimed to evaluate occupational exposures and menstrual cycle characteristics among nurses. Methods : Using cross-sectional data collected in 2010–2012 from 6309 nurses aged 21–45 years, we investigated nurses' menstrual function in the Nurses' Health Study 3. We used multivariable regression modeling to analyze the associations between occupational exposures and prevalence of irregular cycles and long and short cycle lengths. Results : The cohort reported cycle length as <21 (1.5%), 21–25 (15.6%), 26–31 (69...
Toward an understanding of the impact of production pressure on safety performance in construction operations
It is not unusual to observe that actual schedule and quality performances are different from planned performances (e.g., schedule delay and rework) during a construction project. Such differences often result in production pressure (e.g., being pressed to work faster). Previous studies demonstrated that such production pressure negatively affects safety performance. However, the process by which production pressure influences safety performance, and to what extent, has not been fully investigated. As a result, the impact of production pressure has not been incorporated much into safety management...

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