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Organizational Safety Climate and Supervisor Safety Enforcement
Multilevel Explorations of the Causes of Accident Underreporting According to national surveillance statistics, over 3 million employees are injured each year; yet, research indicates that these may be substantial underestimates of the true prevalence. The purpose of the current project was to empirically test the hypothesis that organizational safety climate and transactional supervisor safety leadership would predict the extent to which accidents go unreported by employees. Using hierarchical linear modeling and survey data collected from 1,238 employees in 33 organizations, employee-level supervisor...
Toward an understanding of the impact of production pressure on safety performance in construction operations
It is not unusual to observe that actual schedule and quality performances are different from planned performances (e.g., schedule delay and rework) during a construction project. Such differences often result in production pressure (e.g., being pressed to work faster). Previous studies demonstrated that such production pressure negatively affects safety performance. However, the process by which production pressure influences safety performance, and to what extent, has not been fully investigated. As a result, the impact of production pressure has not been incorporated much into safety management...
Negative workplace vibe triggers mental illness, study says
A newly released survey on mental health in the workplace shows there could be a connection between stressful and negative working conditions and the mental health of workers. Most mental health problems, the study finds, are a result of a negative or mentally toxic workplace. The survey, conducted by the Institute of Health Economics (IHE), a not-for-profit research organization in Alberta, found that most mental health problems stem from negative working conditions. Researchers went on to conclude that the most effective way to promote mental well-being in the workplace is to change the work...
The speed kills you
The Voice of Nebraska's Meatpacking Workers Over the last decade, important efforts have been made to shed light on the conditions of workers within the meatpacking industry and create momentum for change.1 What makes this report unique is that it focuses on what workers see and experience on a daily basis and their thoughts and ideas about what needs to change. What is apparent from this report is that meatpacking workers care deeply about getting this story out to the public in order to improve safety conditions in the plants. We surveyed 455 workers across Nebraska – one of the country's...

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