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Socioeconomic position, psychosocial work environment and disability in an ageing workforce: a longitudinal analysis of SHARE data from 11 European countries
Objectives Prevention of disability in the ageing workforce is essential for sustaining economic growth in Europe. In order to provide information on entry points for preventive measures, it is important to better understand sociodemographic, socioeconomic and work-related determinants of disability in older employees. We aimed to test the hypothesis that low socioeconomic position and exposure to a stressful psychosocial work environment at baseline contribute to later disability. We further assumed that the association of socioeconomic position with disability is partly mediated by exposure to...
Australia: Action urged on workplace bullying
On Monday 26 November 2012, the House Standing Committee on Education and Employment tabled its report on the inquiry into workplace bullying entitled: Workplace Bullying "We just want it to stop". An Australian parliamentary inquiry into workplace bullying has urged the government to set up a national service to provide practical advice on bullying and how to deal with it. The service would include a hotline where both employees and employers could receive help to prevent and resolve cases of bullying. The inquiry by a standing committee of the House of Representatives received more...
ETUCE, Teachers’ work-related stress – survey results and brochure
The European trade union committee for education - ETUCE - has made available a study report containing the full overview of the results of its stress survey as well as the ETUCE project brochure on Teachers' work-related stress: European-wide Survey - Assessment, Comparison and Evaluation of the Impact of Psychosocial Hazards on Teachers at their Workplace in the EU. The full survey report and annexes are only available in English. The ETUCE brochure summarising the project and its results is available in English, French ... Source : http://teachersosh...

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