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L’effet des contraintes physiques du travail sur les maladies cardiovasculaires chez les femmes
Enquête Santé et itinéraire professionnel, vagues 2006 et 2010, France En France, les maladies cardiovasculaires (MCV) représentent la première cause de mortalité chez les femmes. Le rôle du milieu professionnel dans l'apparition de ces pathologies est peu documenté. L'objectif de cette étude est d'évaluer l'effet de l'exposition aux contraintes physiques du travail sur la déclaration de MCV chez les femmes. Source:
Attitude and flexibility are the most important work place factors for working parents' mental wellbeing, stress, and work engagement
Aims: The need to combine active employment and parenthood is a reality for many parents today. Knowing more about which work place factors are associated with better or worse health could help employers to form a work environment that provides optimal conditions to maintain or increase health and work engagement in this group. The aim of this study was to explore possible associations between different subjective and objective work factors and benefits, and a range of outcome variables such as stress, symptom report, wellbeing, work-related fatigue, work engagement, and work-family conflict among...
Eurofound publishes a study on sustainable work and the ageing workforce
A new study of Eurofound, based on the fifth European Working Conditions Survey, examines the ways older workers perceive the sustainability of their work, taking account of differences between workers in terms of age, occupation and gender. In addition, the working conditions of the ageing workforce across Member States of the European Union are compared. Source :
A worksite vitality intervention to improve older workers' lifestyle and vitality-related outcomes: results of a randomised controlled trial
Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of a worksite vitality intervention on vigorous physical activity (VPA), fruit intake, aerobic capacity, mental health and need for recovery after work among older hospital workers (ie, 45 years and older). Methods: The 6-month intervention was evaluated using a randomised controlled trial design. Workers who were randomised to the intervention group (n=367; control: n=363) received the Vital@Work intervention containing (1) a Vitality Exercise Program (VEP) combined with (2) three visits to Personal Vitality Coach. The VEP consisted of a weekly yoga session...

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