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Measuring operational performance of OSH management system
A demonstration of AHP-based selection of leading key performance indicators Occupational safety and health management systems (OSH MSs) have been implemented in numerous enterprises worldwide since the mid-1980s. While stakeholders still have expectations on better prevention of occupational injuries and diseases, and on improving the working conditions, it suggest that new approaches are now needed to ensure OSH MS effectiveness, including development of new methods that would facilitate measurement of OHS MS operational status aimed at the genuine improvement of OSH management practices. A review...
Improving Employee Productivity Through Improved Health
Objective : The objective of this study was to estimate productivity-related savings associated with employee participation in health promotion programs. Methods : Propensity score weighting and multiple regression techniques were used to estimate savings. These techniques were adjusted for demographic and health status differences between participants who engaged in one or more telephonic health management programs and nonparticipants who were eligible for but did not engage in these programs. Results : Employees who participated in a program and successfully improved their health care or lifestyle...
The effectiveness of a construction worksite prevention program on work ability, health, and sick leave
Objective This study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of a prevention program on work ability, health, and sick leave targeted at construction worksites. Methods A total of 15 departments (N=297 workers) from 6 construction companies participated in this cluster randomized controlled trial and were randomly allocated to the intervention (8 departments; N=171 workers) or control (7 departments; N=122 workers) group. The intervention consisted of two individual training sessions with a physical therapist aimed at lowering the physical workload, a rest-break tool to improve the balance between...
Workplace wellness fails bottom line, waistlines: Report
A long-awaited report on workplace wellness programs, which has still not been publicly released, delivers a blow to the increasingly popular efforts, Reuters has learned, casting doubt on a pillar of the Affordable Care Act and a favourite of the business community. According to a report by researchers at the RAND Corp, programs that try to get employees to become healthier and reduce medical costs have only a modest effect. Those findings run contrary to claims by the mostly small firms that sell workplace wellness to companies ranging from corporate titans to mom-and-pop operations. Source ...
Benchmarking organizational leading indicators for the prevention and management of injuries and illnesses
Can a simple tool be developed that will predict a firm's workplace injury experience based on an assessment of its health and safety policies and practices? This was the question that a team of partners within Ontario's occupational health and safety system set out to answer, and it looks like the answer is “yes.” The team developed an eight-item questionnaire that was then administered to over 800 workplaces. One respondent in each workplace was asked to assess the degree to which their organization adhered to optimal occupational health and safety policies and practices....

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