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Workplace violence and development of burnout symptoms
A prospective cohort study on 1823 social educators Purpose: Burnout and workplace violence (WPV) have been associated in cross-sectional studies, but longitudinal studies with solid methods and adequate sample sizes are lacking. This study investigates whether WPV increases burnout symptoms during a 12-month period. Methods: Questionnaire data were collected on 1823 social educators at baseline and 12-month follow-up, coupled with additionally 12 monthly text-message surveys on exposure to WPV. Using general linear modelling for repeated measures, we estimated change over time in burnout symptoms...
Are there any job resources capable of moderating the effect of physical demands on work ability?
A study among kindergarten teachers Background. It is recognized that teaching in a preschool context is physically demanding. Despite this, the consequences of physical demands on psychophysical health (including work ability) are significantly understudied among kindergarten teachers. Objectives. The aim of the present study is to examine (a) the association between physical demands and work ability and (b) whether psychosocial job resources buffer the negative impact of physical demands among kindergarten teachers. Method. A total of 426 kindergarten teachers employed in the municipal educational...
ETUCE, Teachers’ work-related stress – survey results and brochure
The European trade union committee for education - ETUCE - has made available a study report containing the full overview of the results of its stress survey as well as the ETUCE project brochure on Teachers' work-related stress: European-wide Survey - Assessment, Comparison and Evaluation of the Impact of Psychosocial Hazards on Teachers at their Workplace in the EU. The full survey report and annexes are only available in English. The ETUCE brochure summarising the project and its results is available in English, French ... Source : http://teachersosh...

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