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Primary selection into shift work and change of cardiovascular risk profile
Objectives A potential “healthy shift worker effect” may bias the studied effect of shift work on health. The observed differences among shift and day workers in health behavior and health outcomes can be caused by: (i) primary selection, (ii) the influence from the shift work-related environment, and (iii) the impact of shift work. We aimed to study these potential sources. Methods A cohort of 4754 male trainees who had finished their professional training and started their career in production in a chemical company between 1995 and 2012 was identified. Among them, 1348 (28%) were...
Work schedule and physically demanding work in relation to menstrual function
The Nurses' Health Study 3 Objectives : This study aimed to evaluate occupational exposures and menstrual cycle characteristics among nurses. Methods : Using cross-sectional data collected in 2010–2012 from 6309 nurses aged 21–45 years, we investigated nurses' menstrual function in the Nurses' Health Study 3. We used multivariable regression modeling to analyze the associations between occupational exposures and prevalence of irregular cycles and long and short cycle lengths. Results : The cohort reported cycle length as <21 (1.5%), 21–25 (15.6%), 26–31 (69...
Travail posté et diabète
Une récente étude de l'Inserm publiée dans la revue Chronobiology International tend à montrer que le travail en « trois-huit » augmenterait les risques de pré-diabète. Selon les chercheurs, les changements réguliers de rythme de travail perturberaient l'horloge biologique de l'organisme et notamment la sécrétion d'insuline, une hormone impliquée dans la régulation du taux de sucre sanguin. Ces travaux semblent confirmer l'impact négatif du travail posté sur la santé...

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