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Worker health is good for the economy: Union density and psychosocial safety climate as determinants of country differences in worker health and productivity in 31 European countries
Work stress is recognized globally as a social determinant of worker health. Therefore we explored whether work stress related factors explained national differences in health and productivity (gross domestic product (GDP)). We proposed a national worker health productivity model whereby macro market power factors (i.e. union density), influence national worker health and GDP via work psychosocial factors and income inequality. We combined five different data sets canvasing 31 wealthy European countries. Aggregated worker self-reported health accounted for 13 per cent of the variance in national...
Behavioural economics
A review of the literature and proposals for further research in the context of workplace health and safety Historically, economists can be accused of having ignored behavioural issues. However, recent times have seen an upsurge in interest generated by the failure of conventional economics to adequately address recent economic reality. As a consequence, research was commissioned by the Economics Analysis Unit of the Health and Safety Executive, with three main aims: to provide a detailed review of the current and emerging literature on the use of behavioural economics; to provide initial proposals...
Healthy Work - Challenges and Opportunities to 2030
The project that led to the production of this report was initiated in 2007 by Bupa as part of its drive to understand the potential impact of changes in the demography, economy and the burden of disease in the UK on the future health of the workforce.

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