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The effects of Crew Resource Management (CRM) training on flight attendants' safety attitudes
INTRODUCTION: A number of well-known incidents and accidents had led the aviation industry to introduce Crew Resource Management (CRM) training designed specifically for flight attendants, and joint (pilot and flight attendant) CRM training as a way to improve teamwork and communication. The development of these new CRM training programs during the 1990s highlighted the growing need for programs to be evaluated using research tools that had been validated for the flight attendant population. METHOD: The FSAQ (Flight Safety Attitudes Questionnaire-Flight Attendants) was designed specifically to...
Temporary agency work and collective bargaining in the EU
This report reviews the present situation regarding the use of temporary agency work (TAW) in European Union Member States. It examines arrangements for social dialogue and collective bargaining at national level across the EU. It examines the role of collective bargaining in determining such matters as length of assignment, the use of TAW in strikes, and the proportion of agency workers allowed; it also examines the role of collective bargaining in determining equality of treatment in pay, training and other conditions of employment. In addition the report reviews other forms of regulation, and...

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