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Advancing Worker Well-being Across the Working Life
NIOSH's New Center for Productive Aging & Work According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020, American workers 55 years or older will increase by almost 10 million, or at a rate of 33.5%. In addition, by 2020, most workplaces will have five generations working side by side. An aging workforce means having to think about how workers and organizations address the needs and challenges of older workers, as well as take advantage of the opportunities that aging and an age-diverse workforce can bring to the work environment. Recognizing the importance of aging in the context of work...
New international scientific journal on working life Print
The Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies is an international, scientific journal on working life, written in English. The journal is led by an editorial board with 8-15 members from the Nordic countries. Each issue contains 4-6 peer articles. All articles are reviewed by two anonymous referees. Some issues have a specific theme. In addition each issue contains editorial articles, book reviews, debates and announcements. The journal aims to strengthen the exchange of experiences, perspectives, methods and outcome of the Nordic working life research across the Nordic countries and promote Nordic...

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