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Differences in safety training among smaller and larger construction firms with non-native workers
Evidence of overlapping vulnerabilities Collaborative efforts between the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) led to a report focusing on overlapping occupational vulnerabilities, specifically small construction businesses employing young, non-native workers. Following the report, an online survey was conducted by ASSE with construction business representatives focusing on training experiences of non-native workers. Results were grouped by business size (50 or fewer employees or more than 50 employees). Smaller businesses...
The relationship between macroeconomic and industry-specific business cycle indicators and work-related injuries among Danish construction workers
OBJECTIVES: The current study examines and compares the relationship between both macroeconomic and industry-specific business cycle indicators, and work-related injuries among construction workers in Denmark using emergency department (ED) injury data and also officially reported injuries to the Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA). METHODS: The correlations between ED and WEA injury data from the catchment area of Odense University Hospital during the period 1984-2010 were tested separately for variability and trend with two general macroeconomic indicators (gross domestic product and the...
Best practices for health and safety technology transfer in construction
BACKGROUND: Construction continues to be a dangerous industry, yet solutions that would prevent injury and illness do exist. Prevention of injury and illness among construction workers requires dissemination, adoption, and implementation of these effective interventions, or "research to practice" (r2p). METHODS: CPWR recruited participants with experience and insight into effective methods for diffusion of health and safety technologies in this industry for a symposium with 3 group sessions and 3 breakout groups. The organizers reviewed session notes and identified 141 recommendations...
Qualitative research amongst ‘hard to reach’ small construction site operators
Since 2000 there has been a significant reduction in fatal accidents and other injuries in the construction industry. This reduction has been attributed in part to the focus of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on influencing large firms. In order to encourage the continuation of this downward trend, the HSE’s Small Sites Project was established to bring about the adoption of sensible risk management strategies to improve standards of health and safety on Small Sites. There is a specific focus on those sites with 5 or fewer employees on site.

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