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Journaliste, un métier en voie de précarisation
La crise que traverse les médias traditionnels semble interminable. Il n'y a pas que les comptes de résultat des groupes de presse qui font peine à voir. Les professionnels de l'information sont également durement touchés. Réalisé en collaboration avec la Fédération européenne des journalistes (FEJ), le dernier numéro de HesaMag, le magazine de l'Institut syndical européen (ETUI), dresse un bilan de santé des journalistes en Europe. Source:
Globalization, Work, and Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular disease (CVD), a global epidemic, is responsible for about 30% of all deaths worldwide. While mortality rates from CVD have been mostly declining in the advanced industrialized nations, CVD risk factors, including hypertension, obesity, and diabetes, have been on the increase everywhere. Researchers investigating the social causes of CVD have produced a robust body of evidence documenting the relationships between the work environment and CVD, including through the mechanisms of psychosocial work stressors. We review the empirical evidence linking work, psychosocial stressors, and...
Work demands and health consequences of organizational and technological measures introduced to enhance the quality of home care services
This study of home care workers in a Norwegian municipality aimed to examine the effect of two measures involving organizational (job checklists) and technological (personal digital assistants) job aids on perceived work demands and musculoskeletal health. Questionnaire data was collected in 2009 (n = 138, response rate 76.2%) and 2011 (n = 80, response rate 54%). Forty-six home care workers responded at both waves. Respondents were assigned into ‘high', ‘moderate' and ‘low' strain groups based on their responses to open and closed survey questions regarding impact...
World of Work Report 2008 - Income Inequalities in the Age of Financial Globalization
Despite strong economic growth that produced millions of new jobs since the early 1990s, income inequality grew dramatically in most regions of the world and is expected to increase due to the current global financial crisis, according to a new study published recently by the research arm of the International Labour Organization (ILO). The new report, entitled World of Work Report 2008: Income inequalities in the age of financial globalization, produced by the ILO's International Institute for Labour Studies also notes that a major share of the cost of the financial and economic crisis will...

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