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Working conditions of workers of different ages
Demographic change is changing the face of working life across the EU. The increased demand on a shrinking pool of workers to provide for the social needs of an ageing population is leading to increases in the employment rate of older workers and a lengthening of working life. Policy reforms have – on the whole – focused on raising the statutory retirement age and providing financial incentives for older workers to remain in work beyond retirement age. However, a range of other factors also influence workers' decision to continue working into old age – including health and...
Utiliser la transformation numérique pour changer le travail
Utiliser la transformation numérique pour améliorer la QVT est nécessaire et possible si on réunit certaines conditions. Réussir la transition numérique nécessite d’accepter de mettre en oeuvre le changement autour de 3 repères fondateurs : - Placer l’utilisateur-trice des outils numériques au coeur de la transition ; - Accepter la contradiction et considérer simultanément les effets facilitateurs et les effets contraignants des nouveaux outils ; - Prendre en compte les contextes organisationnels et individuels...
Workplace interventions to improve work ability
A systematic review and meta-analysis of their effectiveness Objective: Extended working lives due to an ageing population will necessitate the maintenance of work ability across the life course. This systematic review aimed to analyze whether workplace interventions positively impact work ability. Methods: We searched Medline, PsycINFO, CINAHL and Embase databases using relevant terms. Work-based interventions were those focused on individuals, the workplace, or multilevel (combination). Work ability – measured using the work ability index (WAI) or the single-item work ability score (WAS...
Réglementer l’incidence sur la santé et la sécurité au travail de l’économie des plateformes en ligne
L'essor de l'économie en ligne constitue un défi pour la santé et la sécurité au travail (SST). Le travail sur des plateformes en ligne — c'est-à-dire assuré par l'intermédiaire, sur ou au moyen de plateformes en ligne — est caractérisé par une large gamme de formules de travail, y compris le travail occasionnel, le travail indépendant économiquement dépendant, le travail à la tâche, le télétravail et le «crowdwork». Le présent rapport...
Have mobile devices changed working patterns in the 21st century?
A time-diary analysis of work extension in the UK It is commonly claimed that ubiquitous connectivity erodes the boundaries that once separated work from other aspects of life. Mobile devices in particular enable people to perform work-related activities anytime anywhere. Surprisingly, however, we know little about how people nationwide organise their daily working time over a period that has witnessed rapid technological change. Using the United Kingdom Time Use Surveys 2000 and 2015, covering this period of technological change, we studied work extension practices, and the links between work...
Associations Between Age, Psychosocial Work Conditions, Occupational Well-Being, and Telomere Length in Geriatric Care Professionals
A Mixed-Methods Study Objective: We identified associations between age, psychosocial work characteristics, occupational well-being, and—as a measure of biological age—leukocyte telomere length in geriatric care professionals. Methods: This is a multisource study of self-reports on psychosocial work characteristics, standardized physician's evaluations of health, and relative telomere length measures of peripheral blood leukocytes. We included 141 geriatric care professionals. Telomere length was assessed by an improved polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based method. Results: Increased...
Job Complexity, Race, and Socioeconomic Status
Examining Health Disparities from an Occupational Perspective Research conducted in the United States on racial/ethnic health disparities and socioeconomic status (SES) has not fully considered occupation. Because racial and ethnic groups are not represented equally in all occupations, differences in job characteristics may help explain racial/ethnic health disparities. Two recent studies by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) explore job complexity as a factor that contributes to racial health disparities. Source:
L’insécurité au travail et son impact sur la santé
Bibliographie thématique L'objectif de cette bibliographie est de recenser la littérature française et internationale (articles, ouvrages, rapports, documents de travail …) sur la relation entre l'insécurité au travail (chômage, licenciements massifs, restructurations des entreprises…) et la santé des individus et de leur famille. Source:
Extending working life: What do workers want?
In the context of moves to raise the legal retirement age in many EU Member States, this article explores the views of workers about the issue of extending working life. It highlights differences in the share of workers regarding the age they would like to work to and the ability to work until 60 in terms of employment status, gender and country. It also presents the views of social partners on the subject, with trade unions in most Member States opposing the extension of working life through raising the pension age and employer organisations being generally in favour of this. Source: https://www...
Mieux travailler à l'ère du numérique
Le numérique fascine et inquiète. Mais que change-t-il en réalité au travail et à notre relation aux autres dans le travail? Telle était l'interrogation initiale présidant à la réalisation de ce numéro 6 de La Revue des conditions de travail . Si le numérique suscite une inflation considérable de discours et de commentaires, le travail de documentation des impacts de celui-ci dans le monde de l'entreprise n'a pas encore été complétement mené. Pour notre part, avec ce numéro...
Experiences of arrangements for health, safety and welfare in the global container terminal industry (2016)
This report presents the findings of a study of the experience of health and safety in container terminals operated by national and global companies in several countries. It explores indications from a previous, preliminary study concerning workers' experiences and the effectiveness of the management systems to support their health, safety and welfare at work. It builds on the earlier findings with a more in-depth analysis, using both quantitative and qualitative research methods. It discusses the new findings in the context of an analysis of the relationship between corporate strategies for...
Journaliste, un métier en voie de précarisation
La crise que traverse les médias traditionnels semble interminable. Il n'y a pas que les comptes de résultat des groupes de presse qui font peine à voir. Les professionnels de l'information sont également durement touchés. Réalisé en collaboration avec la Fédération européenne des journalistes (FEJ), le dernier numéro de HesaMag, le magazine de l'Institut syndical européen (ETUI), dresse un bilan de santé des journalistes en Europe. Source:
Mieux former les managers et ingénieurs de demain
"Faire évoluer la formation initiale et continue des dirigeants, managers, ingénieurs et chefs de projet pour qu'ils prennent mieux en compte les enjeux de qualité de vie au travail, telle est l'ambition du projet « Faire École » que le réseau Anact-Aract a lancé à l'échelle nationale en 2014. Ce numéro dévoile ce que nos échanges avec le monde de l'entreprise, la formation continue et l'enseignement supérieur ont révélé pour pouvoir faire bouger les lignes...
In times of change: How distance managers can ensure employees’ wellbeing and organizational performance
Organizations develop and adapt to societal changes and technological developments, where one consequence is that dispersed workers are more common than never before. It is difficult to ensure employee wellbeing and performance, when separating managers from employees by either time or geography. This paper explores the wellbeing of employees doing distance work, and examines the practices of the distance manager aimed at ensuring employee wellbeing and organizational performance. The pilot study use a case study approach in four organizations with qualitative interviews of distance managers and...
Cognitive Functioning, Aging, and Work
A Review and Recommendations for Research and Practice There is a larger proportion and number of older adults in the labor force than ever before. Furthermore, older adults in the workforce are working until later ages. Although a great deal of research has examined physical health and well-being of working older adults, less research has focused on cognitive functioning. The purpose of this article is to provide a broad contemporary and multidisciplinary review of the intersection between cognitive functioning, aging, and work as a follow-up to a paper previously written by Fisher et al. (2014...
Does age modify the association between physical work demands and deterioration of self-rated general health?
The study findings suggest that physical work demands, in particular demanding body postures, have a stronger impact on health among older employees than among younger employees. Source: Burr, H., Pohrt, A., Rugulies, R., Holtermann, A., & Hasselhorn, H. M. (2017). Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health .
What makes for fulfilling work in later life?
The Centre for Ageing Better today releases a new report, Fulfilling work: what do older workers value about work and why? which identifies the characteristics of work that are important to people aged 50 and over, and explores actions employers can take to attract and retain them. Understanding what older workers want is the first step in helping employers, policy makers and others create age-friendly workplaces. Ageing Better commissioned the Institute of Employment Studies to carry out the study. The report finds that health is the most important factor affecting older workers' decisions...
Workplace Accidents and Workplace Safety: On Under-reporting and Temporary Jobs
Statistics on workplace accidents do not always reflect workplace safety because workers under-report for fear of job-loss if they report having had an accident. Based on an analysis of fatal and non-fatal workplace accidents and road accidents in 15 EU-countries over the period 1995–2012, we conclude that there seems to be cyclical fluctuations in reporting of non-fatal workplace accidents. Workers are less likely to report a workplace accident when unemployment is high. Furthermore, analyzing data from Italy and Spain on both workplace accidents and commuting accidents, we conclude that...
Working anytime, anywhere: The effects on the world of work
This report considers the impact of telework/ICT-mobile work on the world of work. It synthesises research carried out by Eurofound’s network of European correspondents and ILO country experts. Source:
Les travailleurs invisibles
Les risques pour la santé des travailleurs des agences de location de personnel La croissance du marché de l'emploi atypique contribue à la précarisation des conditions de vie et de travail d'un nombre important de travailleurs. Bien que toutes les formes d'emploi atypique ne soient pas nécessairement précaires, elles offrent généralement une moins bonne protection sociale et des salaires moins élevés. Le travail par l'intermédiaire des agences de location de personnel, une forme d'emploi atypique,...
Globalization, Work, and Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular disease (CVD), a global epidemic, is responsible for about 30% of all deaths worldwide. While mortality rates from CVD have been mostly declining in the advanced industrialized nations, CVD risk factors, including hypertension, obesity, and diabetes, have been on the increase everywhere. Researchers investigating the social causes of CVD have produced a robust body of evidence documenting the relationships between the work environment and CVD, including through the mechanisms of psychosocial work stressors. We review the empirical evidence linking work, psychosocial stressors, and...
The future of work: crowdsourcing
The development of technology has expanded the possibility for ‘relocating' work out of a traditional workplaces and entirely new forms of work organisation have emerged. Crowdsourcing - paid work organised through online labour exchanges - is one of these new work patterns. This article describes the main risks that can result from the vast range of tasks carried out by crowd workers. The rapid growth of this area of work has also created considerable challenges, and some examples of unresolved issues are discussed. Source:
Trends in labour force participation of older men
Examining the influence of policy reforms, normative change and deindustrialization in the Netherlands, 1992–2009 This study examines trends in labour force participation of older men (55–64 years) in the Netherlands between 1992 and 2009 using Dutch Labour Force Survey data. In this period, the share of early retirees and disability recipients steadily decreased, while labour force participation of Dutch older men increased. The authors characterize these developments both theoretically and empirically in terms of policy reforms, normative change and deindustrialization. More specifically...
L’exposition des travailleurs aux risques psychosociaux a-t-elle augmenté pendant la crise économique de 2008?
À partir des deux vagues de l'enquête Santé et itinéraire professionnel (SIP) , cet article étudie l'exposition des travailleurs aux risques psychosociaux (RPS) et son évolution entre 2006 et 2010, dans un contexte de crise économique. Source: Fontaine R., Lengagne P., Sauze D., É conomie et Statistique , n° 486-487, 2016/07, p. 103-128.
Les effets du numériques sur les conditions de travail
TNS Sofres a réalisé une enquête pour l'Anact. Ses résultats dressent un état des lieux des attentes exprimées par les salariés et dirigeants français sur les enjeux de la transformation numérique en entreprise. Source:
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