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The effects of Crew Resource Management (CRM) training on flight attendants' safety attitudes
INTRODUCTION: A number of well-known incidents and accidents had led the aviation industry to introduce Crew Resource Management (CRM) training designed specifically for flight attendants, and joint (pilot and flight attendant) CRM training as a way to improve teamwork and communication. The development of these new CRM training programs during the 1990s highlighted the growing need for programs to be evaluated using research tools that had been validated for the flight attendant population. METHOD: The FSAQ (Flight Safety Attitudes Questionnaire-Flight Attendants) was designed specifically to...
Study finds persistence of higher injury risk for new workers
We know that newly hired workers face a higher injury rate. Recent research from the Institute for Work & Health finds that the higher risk of work injury among new workers has persisted over the past ten years. This suggests workplaces need to do more to ensure new workers get the training and supervision they need to stay safe on the job. Source : At Work, Issue 69, Summer 2012: Institute for Work & Health.
Colloque sur les risques psychosociaux
Le GARF et l'ANACT ont co-organisé, le vendredi 19 novembre 2010, le colloque "Les risques psychosociaux en entreprise : la formation, un outil stratégique au service de la prévention" (Espace BSA - Paris). Une manifestation qui s'adressait en priorité aux responsables RH, membres de CHSCT, managers, médecins du travail et consultants. Source :

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