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Safety training transfer: The roles of coworkers, supervisors, safety professionals, and felt responsibility
The aim of this study is to identify the influence of social dimensions of the work environment and the employees' felt responsibility on the transfer of safety training. We tested a model in which responses and reactions from safety players such as coworkers, supervisors, and safety professionals are positively related to the transfer of training (TT), through the mediating effect of the employees' felt responsibility and the moderating influence of supervisor support and sanctions. A two-time data collection was implemented among blue-collar employees, all low qualified, from four city...
Prise en charge de la SST dans les mines souterraines : témoignages de cadres et de représentants des travailleurs
Cette étude exploratoire vise à mieux connaître les rôles des cadres et représentants des travailleurs de mines souterraines québécoises, les éléments du contexte qui peuvent agir comme leviers ou obstacles à leurs actions en SST et à amorcer des réflexions sur ce qui peut les soutenir dans leurs rôles. Cette étude s'appuie sur une exploration de la littérature et sur une analyse secondaire des données recueillies lors d'un projet de recherche portant sur les conditions d'intégration...
Triangle of Prevention: a union's experience promoting a systems-of-safety health and safety program
After years of watching company health and safety programs fail to prevent major incidents, injuries, illness, and death in industrial workplaces, union health and safety staff and rank and file activists took up the challenge of creating a union-run alternative program. Named the Triangle of Prevention (TOP), the program successfully engages both local unions and management in incident and near-miss reporting and investigation, root cause analysis, recommending and tracking solutions, and learning and sharing lessons. In all phases, TOP uses a hierarchical, systems-of-safety-based approach to...

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