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Occupational Safety and Health Among Young Workers in the Nordic Countries: A Systematic Literature Review
This review aimed to identify risk factors for occupational accidents and illnesses among young workers in the Nordic countries and to attain knowledge on specific vulnerable groups within the young working force that may need special attention. We conducted a systematic review from 1994 to 2014 using five online databases. Of the 12,528 retrieved articles, 54 met the review criteria and were quality assessed, in which data were extracted focusing on identifying occupational safety, health risk factors, and vulnerable groups among the young workers. The review shows that mechanical factors such...
Working conditions of young entrants to the labour market
Young workers across the EU, particularly young labour market entrants, are faced with major employment difficulties. High unemployment rates and poorer working conditions for young people have added new negative dimensions to the traditional problems of this group in accessing work. This report looks at the current working conditions of Europe's young labour market entrants and how these conditions have evolved in recent years, especially during the crisis. It finds a greater prevalence of non-standard forms of employment among young workers. The study was compiled on the basis of individual...
Waiting for safety: Responses by young Canadian workers to unsafe work
INTRODUCTION : This study examines young workers' responses to unsafe work through the lens of the exit, voice, patience, and neglect typology (Leck & Saunders, 1992). METHOD : In Canada, social marketing campaigns and high school curriculum concerning workplace safety for young workers promote the benefits of "speaking out" against dangerous work. We conducted focus group interviews with teenagers in two Canadian cities to understand the types of work-related hazards experienced by this group, how they respond to hazards, and barriers to injury prevention. RESULTS : Instead of...
Cumul études-travail : les étudiants font face à toute une gamme de risques pour leur santé
Travaillant principalement dans les secteurs du commerce de détail, de l’hébergement et la restauration, les étudiants sont exposés à de multiples contraintes organisationnelles. L’Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail (IRSST) vient de publier les résultats d’une étude visant à déterminer les effets du cumul d’activités et de contraintes du travail sur la santé et la sécurité d’étudiants qui travaillent pendant...

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