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The effects of horizontal violence and bullying on new nurse retention
Horizontal violence and bullying are pervasive throughout nursing. New graduate nurses are at higher risk. Challenged with the task of making the transition from student to practitioner, new graduates often lack the confidence and social connectivity that may ward off interpersonal conflict. Continued interpersonal violence directed at new graduates may lead to negative physical and psychological consequences, high turnover rates, or abandonment of the profession. This article describes possible strategies to break the chain of violence. Source : Weaver KB. J Nurses Prof Dev . 2013; 29(3): 138...
Study finds persistence of higher injury risk for new workers
We know that newly hired workers face a higher injury rate. Recent research from the Institute for Work & Health finds that the higher risk of work injury among new workers has persisted over the past ten years. This suggests workplaces need to do more to ensure new workers get the training and supervision they need to stay safe on the job. Source : At Work, Issue 69, Summer 2012: Institute for Work & Health.

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